What you need to do to eat rice?

Still far away to go!

Can you thresh rice like a mouse?

What you can learn from this activity: Help understand relationship among rice, other living-things in the rice field and human-beings through rice threshing.

When and where to do: November at anywhere outside.

Materials and preparations:

Prepared by participants: newspaper, "suribachi" bowl, plastic bag, pencil, magnifying lens,

Equipment by coordinator: rice, rice cooker, "shamoji"scoop, wrapping film, tray, salt, rice with thresh, baseballs, beer glass bottles, wood sticks, net bowl, fan, paper bowl, tables and chairs, leaflet, questionnaire, first aid box, trash bag, ink pens.

Procedure: 1. Let's take off rice from dried rice plant. 2. Then thresh rice!. You can do it with your fingers first. 3. Let's clean rice. 4. Cook rice and make rice balls. 5. Let's eat the rice balls, and look at rice weevils. 6. Write down whatever you found interesting.

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Pictures of the activity :


The mouse eat rice in a very skillfull way. Can you do like him?


First, remove the rice seeds from the plant.


Remove the husk by pressing with a rubber ball.


You need a bit strong force.


But, it'f fun!


Then take away the husk with wind.


Finally, clean the rice.


After the tough work, we ate steamed rice.

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