Let's play with Katydid!


What you can learn from this activity: Find nymph of katydid, and look at how they behave and where they live. Learn about body structure of insect by making a model. Think about how to glow the katydid by reviewing how they live in the field.

When and where to do: In grass field in May


Prepared by participants: plier, color pencil, magnifying lens, water bottle, insect net, insect basket

Equipment by coordinator: leaflet, questionnaire, first aid box, materials for model

Procedure: 1. Orientation, 2. Let's go out for finding nymph of katydid, and loo at how they do and where they live. 3. Let's make a model by looking at the nymph carefully. 4. Let's think about how you can raise the nymph.

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Pictures of the activity :


Do you know how nymph of katydid look like?


Let's go for finding one of them!


Can you see it!


Now, let's make a model.


You can make the legs like this.


Look at mine!


Let's think about how you can raise the nymph.

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