Let's play with bagworm!


What you can learn from this activity: Understand insect body and life cycle. Watch how bagworms and other living things live in the winter forest by collecting bagworms. Understand how the cocoon is made and what material is used.

When and where to do: Woods. Anytime


Prepared by participants: scissors, color pencil, magnifying lens, water bottle, insect net, insect basket

Equipment by coordinator: leaflet, questionnaire, first aid box, materials for "minomushikun"

Procedure: 1. Do you know a bagworm? 2. Let's go out and find bagworms to see how they live. 3. Let's look at a bagworm from outside and inside. 4. Let's look at how the cocoon is made. 5. Wrap up.

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Pictures of the activity :

At Inamino Mizubenosato Park on Jan. 15 , '06.F


Do you know a bagworm like this? They are hanging on a tree like this.


Did you find it?


Take one with you when you go back.


Let's take a close look at the cocoon!


Did you see inside?


There is a worm inside.


Let's make "minomushikun doll" with the cocoon! Special gift was given for those who came to the programs without absence.

With excellent pictures!!

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