Butterfly and Caterpillar


What you can learn from this activity: Look for caterpillars and butterflies, and watch closely behaviors of them and environment around them. Try an experiment to let a butterfly drink nector. Through this experiment, enjoy experiences of thinking about how and why, and also makeing a close obserbation of structure and behavior of butterflies. Make a model of a caterpillar, and understand its body structures. By reflecting the exploration to find caterpillars, think about how you can grow a caterpillar.

When and where to do: From Spring to Autumn. Field and class room.


Prepared by participants: scissors, color pencil, magnifying lens, water bottle, insect net, insect basket

Equipment by coordinator:

@Color Pencil @Program Leaflet
@Guide Board @questionnaire
@Scale @Flyer
@Paper dish, suger, salt, MSG @Craft Tape and Beads
@Guide Book of Butterfly @Cello Tape
@Water @Spoon and chopstick
@First aid box @

Procedure: 1. Quiz about butterfly. Go out for finding butterflies. When you find them, record where you found and how they did. 2. Let's play with butterflies. Let them feed nector. 3. Let's play with a caterpillar. Let's make a model of Caterpillar. Move it as a caterpillar moves. 4. Let's think about how you can raise a caterpillar. 5. Reflection.

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Pictures of the activity :

At Inamino Mizubenosato Park on May 14, '06.F


Let's find butterflies and caterpillars!


Found it?


Be careful!


Let me see!


Caterpillars of a butterfly and a moth


Found a Spittle bug with bubbles! Let's make a model of caterpillar!


Cut a craft tape into pieces.


Paste them on a cello tape. Can you make it bellows?


Look carefully how the caterpillar moves!


Can you feed the butterfly nector?


Try sugar or salt water.

See how she drinks the nector!

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