Mouth of Insect


What you can learn from this activity: Understand what the mouth of fly does by an experimental experience. Think about roles of other mouths of other insects and animals.

When and where to do: Anytime. Class room.


1. Think about mouths. Let's look at mouths of many kinds of animals. See similarities and differences?

2. What is a common role of mouths? Entrance of foods.

3. Can you see different shapes of mouths? Depending on ways to transfer foods to a mouth, shapes of mouths are different. Human being uses hands.

4. What kinds of mouth shapes do you see in insects? Mouth for biting, mouth for sucking, mouth for licking, etc...

5. Let's eat food like a fly! Put saliva on babyfood sweet potato. Soak a craker into hot chocolate. Suck cooled down hot chocolate by a straw.

6. Reflection.



Prepared by participants: color pencil, paper cup, chopstick, straw, magnifying lens, water bottle, insect net, insect basket

Equipment by coordinator:




Guid Boards


First Aid Box

Paper Cup # of people x 2)

Babyfood Sweet Potato (10g x # of people)

Chopstick (# of people)

Polyethylene Pipette (# of people)

Babyfood cracker (# of people)

Sugar (1 Kg)

Hot Chocolate (# of people)

Straw (# of people)

Speciments of grasshopper, butterfly, beetle



Tooth Brush

SafetyF@First-aid Box, Checking of any dangers of trails and animals/plants.

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Pictures of the activity :

At Inamino Mizubenosato Park on Jan 14th, '07F


We will think about a mouth together today! There are many kinds of mouths.


Look at your mouth or friend's mouth. Let's find out any similarities and differences from mouths of insects.


There are many kinds of insect mouths. A mouth for biting, a mouth for sucking...


There is a mouth for licking as well. Let's look at varienty of mouths through microcope.


Can you see it? Now, we will do an experiment to follow how a fly eat foods.


Let's suck sweet potato by pipette! Can you?


Put your saliva a bit...! Mix it well.


Then, try one more time! See..!@@


Then soak a cracker into hot chocolate.


Presented awards to those who joined all the activities in the year of 2006

Group Photo

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