Mushimushi Bingo

Let's see what kinds of insect we can find today!

What you can learn from this activity:

Go out and insects. Take a close look at insects living out there. After learning a simple way, do identifications by observing actual insects. Also understand body structures of insects by enlarging the view of insects by a microscope.

When and where to do: Anytime. Field and Class room.


PDGet stickers of insect types, and paste those on a bingo card. Think what types of insect you can find today. Pass you an identification key table so that you can find what type the insect you found is.

QDLearn how to use the identification key table with pictures of popular insects. Also learn how to use a picture book.

RDLet's go out to find insects. Once you find one, put a check mark on the particular type of insect the one belongs to. How many bingo you can achieve?

SDAfter coming back to the observation building, let's make a close look at insects by a microscope. You will become a doctor of insect.

TDLet's draw a picture of insect or any other thing you found the most interested today.



Prepared by participants: color pencil, magnifying lens, water bottle, insect net, insect basket

Equipment by coordinator:




@Guide Boards


@First Aid Box

@Petri Dishes

@Putty rubber


@Color Pencils

@Mushimushi Bingo Card

@Stickers of insect types

@Picture Guide Book



SafetyF@First-aid Box, Checking of any dangers of trails and animals/plants.

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Pictures of the activity :

At Inamino Mizubenosato Park on July 8th, '07F


Think of what kinds of insect you see very often here in this park. Paste stickers of insect types on columns of Mushimushi Bingo Card.


Let's go out to find insects! What kinds of insect are you going to find?


Here and there!


After coming back, we look at the insects closely.

What do you see?

At Yachiyokita Elementary School on June 22nd, '07F


I see you all know about insects very well! Think of what insects you are going to see today, and paste the insect type stickers on Bingo Card.


Though It was rain, we went out to see what we can still find. Ah, there is something over there.


Children told me where you could find doodlebugs pits in their forrest.


Here, I found something new! Alright, let's find who it is by using the identification key table and a picture identification book. Well, it looks german cockroach living in forrest.


@Let's see if you can find a doodlebug in the sands! Wow, big tusk!


After watching the doodlebug, we looked at a larva of swallowtail butterfly. See the differences of legs between the front and the rear.


At the end, we did an experiment to understand role of mouth by using babyfood.


Hmm. The sweet potato is getting waterly. Wrote about what fun you had by words and/or pictures.

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