Let's enjoy Cricket Fishing!

Who is going to be the first person?

What you can learn from this activity:

Life of cricket in the field: Look for crickets in the park. Think about where they live and how you can catch them well.

Observation of body of cricket: Look closely at its head, wing, cercus (a pair of appendages at the end of abdomen), ovipositor (tubular organ used for laying eggs).

Bahavior of cricket: Observe walking behavior of cricket by cricket fishing.

When and where to do: Autumn. Field and class room.


1. What is cricket? You will become a doctor of cricket after you answer Cricket Quiz.

2. Let's go out and catch crikets.

3. Look closely at body of cricket.

4. Let's make a tool to fish (catch) crikets.

5. Let's enjoy cricket fishing! How can you fish them well?

6. Let's draw a picture or write about the most interesting finding for you today.

7. Reflection.


Prepared by participants: scissors, scale, color pencil, magnifying lens, water bottle, insect net, insect basket

Equipment by coordinator:






Paper Board

Guide Boards

First Aid Box


Double side adhesive tape



Bomboo stick



Soil @ @

SafetyF@First-aid Box, Checking of any dangers of trails and animals/plants.

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Pictures of the activity :

At Inamino Mizubenosato Park on Oct 14th, '07F


When we went out, there were so many crickets in the field!


First looked at body of criket. Then, we make tools of fishing.


Let's see how we go!

Group picture with the fishing tools


An addtion - Went to Yam Potato digging at Kusatani, Inami-cho in the afternoon.


Let's see how many you get. Am I like Totoro?

Event version of Cricket Fishing

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