Lets's have fun with dragonfly nymph!

Jaw can be extended very long!

What you can learn from this activity:

Think about how aquatic animals live and how the surrounding living conditions are by catching dragonfly nymphs and ovserving them together with other insects.

When and where to do: Summer. Pond, rice field or a stream


‚PDWhat is Dragonfly nymph?

‚QDFind a dragonfly nymph. Plan where you go and preparation of tools.

‚RDLook for dragonfly nymphs. Search around several places.

‚SDWashing time. Drink enough water.

‚TDMake detail observations of caught insects on a tray.

@@‡@@What animals did you find?

@@‡A@What types of dragonfly nymphs did you find?

@@‡B@Let's feed a dragonfly nymph. Look how they do!

@@‡C@Detail observations of bodies of a dragonfly nymph (mounth, eye, leg, thorax, abdomen)

‚UDMake a model of dragonfly nymph with an empty milk carton container,

@@‡@@Draw a picture of dragonfly nymph on the milk container.

@@‡A@Using a knife and scissors, make and cut a head and thorax portion from the milk container.

@@‡B@Make a lower jaw by folding the remaining container.

@@‡C@Connect the head and thorax portion with the remaining container.

@@‡D@Attach legs made by chenilles with cello tape.

@@‡E@Put collors to finalize.

‚VDReflection. Let's draw a picture or write about the most interesting finding for you today! Learn about how to raise a dragonfly nymph.


Prepared by participants: Cloths for becoming dirty, boots, hat or cap, empty milk carton container, fish net, color pencil, magnifying lens, water bottle

Equipment by coordinator:

 @Leaflet

 @Questionnaire

 @Desk

 @Picture book

 @Flyer

 @Scale

 @Guide Boards

 @First Aid Box

 @Microscope

 @Knife

 @Scissors

 @Aquarium

 @Forceps

 @Color Pens

 @Cello Tape

 @Chenilles  @Trays  @Petri Dishes

SafetyF@First-aid Box, Checking of any dangers of trails and animals/plants.

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Pictures of the activity :

At Inamino Mizubenosato Park on Jul 6th, '08F


Many kids with families came to play with dragonfly nymphs!


Close look at dragonfly nymphs on a tray. Group photo with the models of dragonfly nymph!

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