Lets's have fun with Pill Bugs!

Can a bill bug escape from the maze?

What you can learn from this activity:

Think about how pill bugs live and how the surrounding living conditions are by looking for pill bugs. Make the pill bug maze by yourself. Have fun by playing with pill bugs to predict how the pill bug moves so you experience a simple scientific approach. These experiences trigger your habit of thinking about the relationship between humans and environment.

When and where to do: From Spring to Autumn. Anywhere


PDWhat is a pill bug? It is actually a foreigner

QDFind a pill bug. Plan where yo go and prepare tools.

RDLook for pill bugs. Search around several places.

SDWashing time. Drink enough water.

TDMake detail observations of caught pill bugs on a tray.

@@Make detail observations of bodies of a pill bug (mounth, eye, leg, thorax?, abdomen, antenae)

UDMake a pill bug maze. Let's see how a pill bug walk.

@@@@Cut and fold paperboard. Paste the pieces of paperboard along the lines on base board.

@@A@Let's put a pill bug on the starting point of maze.

VDLet's enjoy "Pill Bug Maze Competition". Who can be the firstest to come out from the maze?

WDReflection. Let's draw a picture or write about the most interesting finding for you today! Learn about how to raise pill bugs.


Prepared by participants: Scissors, scale, hat or cap, color pencil, magnifying lens, water bottle

Equipment by coordinator:




@Picture book



@Guide Boards

@First Aid Box




@An example of maze


@Color Pens


@Bucket @Trays @Petri Dishes

SafetyF@First-aid Box, Checking of any dangers of trails and animals/plants.

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Pictures of the activity :

At Inamino Mizubenosato Park on Nov 23rd, '08F


Many families come to play with pill bugs!

All so much focused on making the maze!

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