Mysterious body of insect (for secondary shool student and above)

American Cockroach!

ObjectivesF Understand body structures of Arthoropods by dissecting an insect. You will see the following things happen to you after you experience this activity.

1. Understand what are differences and what are similarities between insects and vertebrates like us.

2. Understand how an individual animal live in depth.

3. Feel more close about insects.

4. Develop a view that you see living things without superiorities.

5. Can expand your thought to all the living things on the earth including insects.

6. Your view of life may be changed??!


1. What kind of animals is an insect? Let us provide some hints to think about what they are.

2. Let's do a dissection.

3. Summary. For each organ, think about what are differences and what are similarities vs. human beings. What about those vs. other animals? Why are those different or similar?


@Leaflet @Questionnaire
@Guide Board @Sketch paper and pencils
@Microscope @Desk
@Parafin wax + Bee wax (5g:35g) @Spirit lamp
@Needles to fix cockroaches @Spatulas to melt wax
@Saline solution (1% salt water) @Forceps
@Scissors for Ophthalmology @Cockroaches
@Hot Plate @Glass tubes, Cooling box
@Paper bowls and paper towels @Big forceps to pick up cockroaches

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The activity was performed:

At Kinokuni Children's Junior High School on Sep 23rd, '09F


Students kindly helped the activity from the preparation. @Starting from discussing what insects are.


Explaining how the operation is going to be.@


Extreamly focusing on...


Comparing it with anatomical chart. Reflection.

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