Let's make a model of Honey Ant!


What you can learn from this activity: Help understand character of a jointed outer covring called an exoskeleton with making a model of a honey pot ant. Some of the individuals serve as living honey pots, i.e., they eat large quantities of honey which is kept undigested in the gaster. To further help understand the exoskeleton, you look closely at an exoskeleton after making a specimen of a boiled shrimp. Discussion will be held to share individuals' learnings on similarities and differences between exoskeleton and our skeleton called an endoskeleton.

When and where to do: Anytime and anywhere

Materials: Scale, Pencil, Scissors

Procedure: 1. Know about secret life of honey pot ants, and their living honey pots. Unlike other insects, they have a very flexible abdomen... 2. Make a specimen with a boiled shrimp that also has an exoskeleton. 3. Bend, enlarge or press the specimen, and then make a comparison with your body. 4. Make a model of a honey pot ant with a baloon. 5. Wrap-up.

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Pictures of the activity:


Do you know a honey ant? Why is the skin of honey ant elongeted though outer shell of an insect is hard? The children were very interested in listening to the story of honey pot ant.



Let's explore mechanizm of exoskeleton with making a specimen of a shrimp! Can you separate the outer shell from the muscle inside?



All are concentrated in the shrmp specimen.



Small kids got some help, but I can do it myself!



Bend, enlarge or press the specimen, and then make a comparison with your body.



Kids love the Mushimushi cap... Now, you make a model of the honey ant with a baloon!



Blow the baloon a bit, and then cut colored paper into pieces.



Paste the pieces of colored paper onto the baloon with adhesive. Put your favorite color on the head of the ant, and cut into the shape.


Your are done after putting the head to the baloon. You want to try blowing it further or letting air out.

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