Fishing competition!

@@@ What kind of fishes you can catch with your own baits?

What you can learn from this activity: Enjoy fishing from collecting baits. Think about what fishes eat, and then try something. Learn food chain in a river.

When and where to do: Whenever at a stream or river except winter

Materials and preparations:

Prepared by participants: Wear cloths and shoes which you can get wet with, knife, scoop, soft drink or water, cap or hat, clothes to change, towel, inscet net, insect holding basket, pencil, magnifying lens, backet

Equipment by coordinator: Fishing needle, fishing string, knife, cutting board, skewers, BBQ Grill, charcol, tarp, outdoor microscope, desk and chair, leaflet, questionnaire, first aid box

Procedure: 1. Make several groups with 3-5 people. 2. Discuss what baits your group use. For examples, Earth worm, insects in a stream, etc. 3. Collect baits. 4. Enjoy fishing. 5. Eat caught fishes.@

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