Insect & Nature Links

Here are insect and nature website links!


Inamino Mizubenosato Park, Hyogo JapanEEEThis is the place I delivered Bugs Club (Mushimushi Club) program activities. The park was built to provide a natural field where people interact with nature.

Tochiwara Children's Nature Experience Camping Center, Hyogo JapanEEEI also delivered Bugs Club (Mushimushi Club) program activities here. The center is located in a local village surrounded by nature, and main cabin utilizes an old Japanese farmers house that has a Japanese traditional kitchen stove, a traditional bath, and etc.

The Association of Nature Interpreters in Hyogo, JapanEEENature interpreter's network in Hyogo. The members of steering committee provide me useful input to Mushimushi club activities. In this year together with NPO Rokko-san & Citizen Network and Museum of Nature & Human Activities Hyogo, it offers training workshops to develop nature interpreters to guide people who visit Mt. Rokko in Kobe.

Itami City Insectarium, HyogoEEEYou can see lots of flying butterflies and other living insects that live in Japan and other tropical Asian countries.

Kashihara City Insectarium, NaraEEEThey also have same degree or more of flying butterflies and other living insects. They also have lots of insect specimens.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BUTTERFLY EXHIBITIONSEEEAn international association to help butterfly exhibition-related organizations in every aspects of the industry@

WONDERFUL WORLD OF INSECTSEEEWebsite for children to learn all about insects


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