Renge Flowers and Inscets on Rice Field

What you can learn from this activity: Help understand relations among flowers, insects and human-beings who live lives with rice.

When and where to do: Anytime and anywhere when/where "Renge" flowers come out

Materials: Boots, socks or shose that can become dirty, clothes to change, towel, rain coat, inscet net, insect holding basket, pencil, magnifying

Procedure: 1. Look at how honey bees drink nector of "Renge" flowers. Know how flowers attract insects. 2. Taste the nector. 3. Make a card with the flowers.. 4. Taste honey, and think about why honey tastes different than the nector. 5. Draw a picture about what every you found interesting today!@

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Pictures of the activity:

We collected "Renge" flowers. Sorry, no pictures on the rice field due to rain.


After returining to the park, we looked at the flowers


And then, made a card with the "Renge" flowers.

Show me what you made!


We tasted honey, too. How sweet it is! We need bread, too, to go with this!!

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