Eco tour to One inch under the ground - the silence above the ground and loudly living things in the ground!


What you can learn from this activity: Silence in the forest. Understand the fact that you are one of living things in the forest. Insects and other living things in the ground. Food chain existing in the forest.

When and where to do: Anywhere. Anytime

Materials: Scoop, Container to put soil and debris, Pencil

Procedure: Listen to an orientaion of the eco tour. Go into the forest. Sit down and stay relaxed alone for at least 15 min. Share what you felt, saw, smelled and listened with others. Then, examine living things you encounter by removing dead leaves on the ground. Return with taking some soil and debris. Use a Berlese funnel, and collect and examine tiny insects and other invertebrates like "Pikachu" with microscope.

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