Introduction of BUGS CLUB

BUGS CLUB delivers activities to provide hands-on experiences. Those experiences help children and families to understand insects and nature easily with lots of fun! These days, we live convenient lives with less actual experiences. Less and less encounters with insects who play critical roles of environment and are ones of the closest living things to us. With the experiences of playing with insects, you will find not only the wonderful facts of insects, but also find yourself being more interested in the nature and yourself. Gradually with no effort, you start thinking how you live in nature on the earth with right balances. Let's enjoy the wonderland of insects and nature together!

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BUGS CLUB, called MUSHIMUSHI CLUB in Japanese, delivers activities to many kinds of fields. There were two major fields; Inamino Mizubenosato Park in Inami-cho, Hyogo (1840-1 Oka, Inami-cho) and Tochiwara Children's Nature Experience Camp (116 Tochiwara, Yasutomi-cho, Himeji-shi) used for developing those activities.

BUGS CLUB is organized by Koga, Tadayasu, a registered environment cousellor in The Ministry of Environment (MOE), Japan, a registered nature interpreter in The Nature Conservation Society of Japan (NACS-J), and belong to Kids-n-bugs NPO. He also helps international communications in some of insecteriums in Japan and facilities in other countireis to facilitate global insect expertise exchanges. He is now living in Singapore, and developing activity programs there. Contact


Honey Bee at Kusatani, Inami-cho@@Bothrogonia ferruginea in Tochiwara

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